Monday, 24 June 2013

The Who O2 Dublin 08-06-2013

Very recent recording from the Who's Quadrophenia & more European Tour, 17 tracks from the Quadrophenia album and 7 other tracks including Won't Get Fooled Again, Who Are You & Baba O'Riley.

Queen University Hall Tokyo 04-04-1976

Good recording from Queen's visit to Japan in 1976, featuring many early Queen tracks from Queen, Queen II & A Night At The Opera. 14 Tracks,_Tokyo,_4_April_1976_(Vinyl_Rip_?_covers).rar.html

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Smiths Eldorado Paris 09-05-1984

Soundboard recording from The Smiths in Paris in 1984. This one has been bootlegged quite heavily due to the quality of the sound, The Smiths as always are excellent. Well worth a download.

The Jam Bingley Hall Stafford 21-03-1982

To complete a hat-trick of soundboard recordings from The Jam in 1982 here's them as Bingley Hall in Stafford in 1982 on the first UK leg of the Trans-Global Express Tour. This was filmed as well as the concert the soundcheck was also filmed.

The Jam Palais D'Hiver Lyon 30-04-1982

Another soundboard recording from The Jam's European leg of their 1982 World Tour which incorporated the US, Europe and Japan. 23 tracks. 24 performed on the night but The Gift is missing.

The Jam Wembley Arena London 02-12-1982

Soundboard recording of The Jam on their final tour, 9 days before their last gig at the Brighton Centre, so obviously a very late recording of The Jam at their commerical peak.

The Stone Roses La Cigale Paris 04-06-2013

First recording of the Second Coming so it's only appropriate that I start with the band that is the world's greatest currently, and has come back from court cases, internal wranglings and a fifteen year hiatus to get to their rightful place at the top of the tree,_Paris,_4_June_2013.rar.html

A message

Right, back in the day I got bored with this so I left it but now I have some free time on my hands uploading will commence immediately, if anyone wants a particular recording uploading on which the link has expired I would ask to you to contact me on Twitter, my username is @IanManiReniJohn.



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Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Certain Ratio 1979 Peel Session + Extras

This is taken from A Certain Ratio's October 1979 Peel Session which of course is soundboard quality being a professional recording. It includes some extra songs which I can't place and would be grateful for some help with placing them

Musical Performance A
Tape A+!download|496dt|41946735||31111|R~89FFC4B1E3D6C11086CBA659EB53A20F

Joy Division Lyceum Ballroom London 29-02-1980

Very good recording of Joy Division live at London's Lyceum Ballroom in Feburary 1980. The Sound is top notch - Execptional for an audience recording. Well worth a download.

Musical Performance A
Tape A

Friday, 24 June 2011

New Order Amsterdam Paradiso 17-05-1984

Listenable recording of New Order live at Amsterdam Paradiso in May 1984. The sound quality is good although the vocals can be slighty distorted at times. The instruments are sounding good. Worth a download.

Musical Performance A-
Tape A-/B+

New Order Tatton Community Centre Chorley 03-01-1981

Very good soundboard recording of early New Order live at Tatton Community Centre Chorley in January 1981. The mix is more or less perfect and everything is in balance. Worth a download.

Musical Performance A
Tape A+!download|683tl|316750086||47404|R~F14D4D68E5B2702E3EBBA513B1F447C4

David Bowie 'Sheffield Steel Bowie' Sheffield City Hall 06-06-1973

If you want to listen to static be my guest

Musical Performance N/A
Tape Z

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pink Floyd Star Club Copenhagen 13-09-1967

Early Pink Floyd gig recorded at the Star Club in Copenhagen in September 1967. The instruments are clear and slighty muffled but Syd's vocals at times are non-existent I mean if you played with the mix you'd be able to hear them if you increased them and if you lower the instruments.

Musical Performance A-
Tape B-

David Bowie Hammersmith Riverside Theatre 08-09-2003

Good sounding recording of David Bowie live at the Hammersmith Riverside Theatre in September 2003. The instruments are very good as are the vocals I would expect this because it's a soundboard recording. Worth a look

Musical Performance A
Tape A+

New Order Oxford Apollo Theater 27-03-1986

Good recording of New Order live at Oxford's Apollo Theater in March 1986. The vocals and instruments are very good almost soundboard they're so good. The audience are there but not overpowering which is good.

Musical Performance A
Tape A

New Order Spectrum Arena Warrington 01-03-1986

Decent tape of New Order live at the Spectrum Arena in Warrington in March 1986. The mix is very balanced the synth isn't overpowering like on other New Order tapes. The vocals are clear and audible and there is no tape fuzz.

Musical Performance A
Tape A

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Fall Prince Of Wales Conference Centre London 15-09-1979

Very nice recording of The Fall live at The Prince Of Wales Conference Centre in London in September 1979. All the vocals are clear although the tape does zip in and out at times but all in all a good recording of early Fall.

Musical Performance A+
Tape A-!download|688tl3|445064366|The_Fall_London_15.9.79.rar|110308|R~05A4788C2CAC0A0C2F2DEC7438537D65

AC/DC Ellenriederhalle Hannover 14-11-1979

Very good recording of AC/DC live in Hannover in November 1979. The vocals are crisp and clear and the instruments are not muffled. Which is good there is a nice amount of audience noise which adds to the atmosphere. Worth a look

Musical Performance A
Tape A

The Fall Rote Fabrik Zurich 20-04-1988

Slighty muffled recording of The Fall live in Zurich in April 1988. The vocals are clearish but are slighty muffled the instruments are ok not the best but not the worst - worth a look.

Musical Performance A-
Tape A-